Updated Sept. 12/2014

Ituna Economic Development
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Ituna Town Office
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RM of Ituna
Bon Accord

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RM of Tullymet
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Ituna News
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Ituna Recycling Depots
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10 5th Ave. NW
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  • A new landmark for Ituna, an Oat Stem, arrived June 23,2014
  • A new landmark for Ituna, an Oat Stem, arrived June 23,2014
  • The Oat Stem marks Ituna as the birthplace of the Prairie Oat Growers Association
  • Dennis Muzyka, Creator of the Oat Stem
  • Unveling of the Oat Stem, June 28, 2014
  • Our well kept community - Spring 2014
  • Our well kept community - Spring 2014
  • Our well kept community - Spring 2014
  • Our well kept community - Spring 2014
  • Our well kept community - Spring 2014
  • Our well kept community - Spring 2014

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Ituna is a friendly community...
....a place where people take great pride
in their surroundings, a place where everyone is welcome and shown our warm hospitality.

A summer walk is safe in all our neighborhoods. We have first rate recreation facilities and low cost housing. The fertile farmland surrounding Ituna is rich in opportunity and our community provides all the basic trades and services required to make this their home. With its many services and facilities,"Ituna is a great place to visit, but a better place to live."

We are a 'progressive, active community' with much to offer. Today, we invite you to visit with us by viewing our website... tomorrow, we hope to see you in person.


Sept Events

.....New events are added on an ongoing basis - if you wish to add an event or update information presented here please contact itunaedc@sasktel.net

*Sept 17 - Ituna Klenovee Lystky Ukrainian Dance Club Pre-registration @ Ituna School Lobby - 6:30-8 pm - First dance class to be held in Kelliher School -6 pm on Sept. 19 - All other classes to be held in ituna School. For further information contact Lindsay Palmer - 306 795 3131

*Sep 19 - First Trojan Home Football Game - 4 pm @ Ituna School

*Sept 20 - Ituna Fall Country Fair - Video
8:30-11:00 Cowboy Breakfast
11:00 Parade
11:00 Blue Ribbon Competition Exhibits
11:00 Market and Trade Show
12:00 4H Fun Show
10:00 Goat Show
2:00- 4:00 Hay Rides
12:00-4:00 Children's Park...
12:00-4:00 Pumpkin Slingshot
Anytime! Geocaching
12:00-4:00 Small Animal and Bird Sale
4:00-6:00 Fall Supper
Events & Blue Ribbon Competition
Blue Ribbon entries to be dropped off at the school gym Friday Sept. 19th from 3:30 to 6:30, judging will commence at 7 pm.
Looking for a few volunteers to help make our event run smoothly! Please call 795-2719 or 795-7280 for more details

*Sept 24 - Playschool Registration - 7 pm @ Ituna School
**** Ituna Playschool requires a Playschool Teacher. Resumes may be dropped off at 413 Main St. S. - Contact Angela @ 306 795 2719 for further information

Ongoing Events

* BINGO - every Friday @ 7 pm - Ituna Social Club

Coming Events







* October

* November

- November 29 - Ituna & Area Community Christmas Party @ Sacred Heart Parish Center -Supper & Dance - Dance to “Lenny & The Gypsies”

* December
- December 13 - Light Up Ituna - Family Fun Day @Sacred Heart Parish Center



FYI....Muskowekwan Resources Update
The Muskowekwan Project is an exciting business venture in the Ituna area ... a new joint venture between Encanto Resources Ltd. and Muskowekwan First Nation and Muskowekwan Resources Limited. The proposed project is a solution potash mine located on the Muskowekwan Reserve (IR #85), Treaty Land Entitlement (TLE), and pre-reserve lands about 100 km northeast of Regina, SK, and approx. 45 km west of Ituna. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2014.
Further information: Encanto Potash, Saskatchewan Environment and Muskowekwan Resources










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