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Ituna Economic Development
Ph: (306) 795-3303
Fax: (306) 795-3330
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Ituna Town Office
Ph: 306 795 2272
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Ituna News
Ph: 306 795 2412
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Ituna Recycling Depots
*Main St
(beverage containers)
*10 5th Ave. NW
(paper products)

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Our Changing Landscape...demolition of the last elevator within the town of Ituna has begun. Check back for more pictures as demolition progresses (June 2- July 17)


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The Oat Stem Story

Job Postings

...Deer Park Villa
*Direct Service Worker
*Casual Support Workers

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Ituna is a friendly community...
....a place where people take great pride
in their surroundings, a place where everyone is welcome and shown our warm hospitality.

A summer walk is safe in all our neighborhoods. We have first rate recreation facilities and low cost housing. The fertile farmland surrounding Ituna is rich in opportunity and our community provides all the basic trades and services required to make this their home. With its many services and facilities,"Ituna is a great place to visit, but a better place to live."

We are a 'progressive, active community' with much to offer. Today, we invite you to visit with us by viewing our website... tomorrow, we hope to see you in person.

Community Calendar of Events

July- Aug Events

.....New events are added on an ongoing basis - if you wish to add an event or update information presented here please contact itunaedc@sasktel.net

*July 8 - August 20 - Summer Fun Program for children 5 - 12 years - Wednesdays and Thursdays @ Ituna Arena - 10 am - 3 pm- $5/day - Lunch hour supervision provided - afternoon snack provided.For further information contact Barb @ 306 795 7788 or 306 795 2527 - Presented by Ituna & District Recreation Board and funded by Community Initiatives Fund

*Aug 6 - Night Swim @ Ituna Pool

*Aug 12- Communities in Bloom Judging

*Aug 19 - Night Swim @ Ituna Pool

*Aug 17- 21- Swimming Lessons @ Ituna Pool
- A complete public swimming and lesson schedule is available here

Ongoing Events

*Friday Night Golf & Wings - begins June 5/15 and every Friday night through the summer @ Ituna Golf Course - 6:30 pm- Wings and refreshments to follow golfing. Come on out and have some fun. Everyone welcome.

- every Friday @ 7 pm - Ituna Social Club

*Second Saturday of every month -Table Top Game Day @ Ituna Hotel - New Blue Room -10 am - 10 pm - Family-Friendly Event. No charge. Large Selection of games to try from Star Wars to Flames of War to zombies. As Remembrance Day is near, a featured Commemorative 100th Anniversary Battle - Beginning of Air Combat in WWI on Nov. 8th, playing Canvas Eagles on 7 foot poles! Come and challenge the Red Baron with a Sopwith Camel!
Brought to you by the Ituna Business Association.

Coming Events

*Sept 18-20/15 - Ituna Fall Country Fair

*Nov 28/15 - Community Christmas Party

*Dec 12/15 - Light Up Ituna











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Ituna Agencies
*Elizabeth Martin sewing